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Glass Engraving Basics

Wondering where to start? The foundations videos present engraving in its simplest form and show you the steps you'll take in learning basics from mediums to glass varieties.


Supplies & Set Up

Power & Assembly

The drill is a powerful tool and knowing its capacity is key to learning engraving as is having the right tools and equipment is key to learning safely.  

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Building Letters

Just Like the Pros

Learn to build the engraved letter under the power of the drill while perfecting the stems, lines and ovals that will form your beautifully engraved letters.


See what our amazing students have to say.


Taking lessons from Laura was a phenomenal experience. Not only did she share the process of actual engraving, from the basics of drill parts and needed accessories, but she walks you through everything you will need to get started in the engraving business. The class was thorough and easy to follow. I highly recommend taking lessons from Laura. Even if you aren't interested in engraving for income, it is a great technique to learn and explore as a new creative outlet.


Thanks so much, Laura, for such a great class!


Laura’s teaching style is really warm and down to earth. She makes you feel prepared and comfortable approaching this powerful tool - without her, I would have felt really intimidated trying to learn this on my own! You can tell she’s been in this business for a long time and she has no problems letting you in on all the tips, best practices and secrets she’s amassed over the years. She truly embraces the community over competition philosophy  and she helped me to book actual, well paying engraving gigs at Nordstrom within a couple weeks of learning! Especially for people who have some hand lettering experience, this will take it to the next level and can lead you to lots of different opportunities. 


I highly recommend learning from Laura!

Laura has been an amazing inspiration and mentor! The fact that I’m on an island and she’s in California didn’t diminish the attention to detail in assisting me with my engraving questions and instructions. She is always available for guidance and recommendations on what tools/tricks to use with the specific type of material I might be engraving on at the moment. I consider myself so fortunate to have her as a friend and mentor!

Learning the ins and outs of glass engraving from Laura was such an excellent experience and one I absolutely recommend! She took her time to explain everything from the beginning, down to the small details like positioning the cord, making sure that we all understood before moving on. She went through her own bag and described all the equipment and accessories necessary, and even nice-to-haves… basically, everything we needed to get started (which, surprisingly, is very affordable). Without hesitation she shared her knowledge, things learned through years of experience, so we could be prepared for different scenarios (i.e. techniques, varying glass finishes and shapes, types  of drills and bits, even working an event itself). Even now, she always makes herself available for follow up questions and is just all around awesome! I’ve been able to apply this new skill toward my own personal gifts that leave everyone in awe, as well as events to make some money on the side. 


Glass engraving is such an amazing craft, and there’s no one better to teach you!


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