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Live Art In The Digital Moment

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Can I just share that our artist collaborations with our retail clients,100% bring the concept of live art to a whole new level? It’s what I love about us!

Given our penchant for living digitally, from where we're sitting, we see customers still enjoying shopping, its social interaction, and really appreciating the live art experience! When we hand them hat personalized, handlettered tote or engraved fragrance bottle, we’re seeing their face light up. We’re hearing “WoW! I wasn’t expecting that! It’s so beautiful!!”

I mean...what more can we as artists ask for than to have our work evoke an emotion, expressed in sheer surprise or joy? From where we’re sitting, we see them forget that online buying was an option and we’re both just there, enjoying the live art experience because art just always makes things better. I love that about what we do!!

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