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The Beginner's Guide to Glass Engraving

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I get so many questions about engraving, from how to do it, to how we get clients so I decided to put a list together of where you can start. You can visit the links below on a variety of topics and resources to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions:

What do I need to get started?

  • Freebies & Resources tab for the free stuff, including our free list of the Basic Engraving Supplies you need to get started and lettering courses if you're not already a hand letterer. (I only teach engraving but our calligrafriends can help you learn to letter.)

  • Amazon Faves for links to buy your first drill and the supplies we use and recommend

Do You Teach Engraving?

  • I do! Just click here for a step-by-step series of short and to the point videos, all in birds-eye view, designed to start you on your glass engraving journey right away!

  • It's still fairly new but head over to our YouTube channel for glass engraving tips and general engraving information important to the live art engraver.

  • Diva with a Drill Blog Here you'll find information relevant to live art services for brands and retailers and links to what I teach or post about glass engraving on YouTube

  • Engraving Supplies Part of learning is preparing to learn and I hope to help you with a variety of supplies to make your learning a bit easier and comfortable.

  • We have a library of ebooks with carefully curated information to help answer some the of the common questions that unfortunately don't always have just one answer.

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