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We're Heading to the Mall!

We're pleased to announce our calligraphy, engraving and handlettering services are headed to the Fashion Valley!

For nearly a decade, A Total Diva has been grabbing the attention of the in-store shopper and special event guests with our on-site personalization services and while we've enjoyed every minute, a constant in the back of our minds has always been to do more of what we do, more often. Our collaborations have included personalization services as an extension of clients' brands so you can imagine how thrilled we are to be extending these services ourselves under the A Total Diva brand. We're always happy to see the smiles our creations bring and know you'll agree we can all stand to see a more of that now.

We’re over the moon about this new venture and happy to share that we'll be helping people find joy in the little things again, one personalized gift at a time.

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