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What's the best drill to use for glass engraving?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Recently I asked our followers on Instagram what they’d like to know or learn about engraving or what I do. The questions were, you guessed it! What's the best drill to use for glass engraving? What drill should I start with? What do you recommend or use? They're the questions I get asked the most; all the time.

So, let's just get that out of the way. While I use a variety of drills and my selection greatly depends on what I will be engraving, I always recommend a rotary drill that ranges between 20K-45K rpm. They are not affiliate links and although I get the teeniest commission from Amazon for making the recommendations, I do not have an affiliation with the manufacturers.

I suggest trying the Wen Rotary Drill or something similar like the VonHaus Rotary Tool. These are my first choices and preferably the latter as the stand is included but, you can also buy the stand separately. The reason is, you'll need something to suspend your drill so that the cable is free to flow from the rotary motor to the handpiece. The speeds will vary by manufacturer and I like them because the hand piece is as close as you'll get to the feel of a writing instrument (think hi-lighter or think permanent marker.)

These drills have served my team and I well and are pretty, make that, really, inexpensive, making them ideal for those who'd like to quickly get behind the drill.

In the video below, I'll walk you through the assembly of the drill, from unboxing through power up to help get you started and behind the drill right away. If you'd really want to kickstart your engraving journey or would just like a little bit more to work with, head over to our Engraving for Entrepreneurs page and get the course. We'll take you from assembly to actually learning the foundations of glass engraving for fun or profit.

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