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Resources for Creatives, Freelancers & Small Businesses

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

With the Coronavirus and social distancing weighing heavily on us, taking the time to process it all seems essential to our mental health. We all have enough with our concern for our families, friends and our own wellbeing so it's easy to see how the impact on our business can set our minds into overdrive and leave us feeling overwhelmed.

As a creative production company, A Total Diva Designs is seeing how hard the events industry has been hit and as a small business, is feeling its full impact along with other small businesses, creative and freelance communities. So if it feels unprecedented, then it's understandable to be unsure about how to prepare for what's to come in the coming weeks (and possibly seasons). I hope this perspective helps.

Last week, I allowed myself the time to mentally grieve and to do absolutely nothing in order to process it all. I was unproductive and in a place where I allowed myself to feel angry, and sad, and absolutely devasted about all that is happening in our world and found encouragement in meditative thinking, prayer, and resourcefulness. This includes compiling a list (below) of funding resources for creatives, freelancers or small business owners to help you navigate your way through the financial impact the global pandemic might have on small businesses.

In the meantime, please, stay safe, stay healthy and STAY HOME!



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